How to: Manage Your Travel Policy Compliance Settings

Jun 28, 2022 | Tips & Resources

Corporate travel policies are essential for managing the expenses associated with business travel. Travel policy describes a company’s rules and guidelines for scheduling, booking, and managing travel so that travelers know how they should handle travel arrangements. A clear, well-documented travel policy can help businesses avoid unnecessary expenses and risks associated with travel.

Travelcor offers travel policy compliance controls to ensure your travelers can easily book within your company’s budget and other guidelines. Here’s how it works on our platform.


For Administrators: How to Set Up Travel Policy Compliance Controls

  1. Log in to Travelcor.
  2. Go to “Admin,” then “Travel Policy.”
  3. Select the profile you want to edit. Administrators can create different rules for each different profile. There are 3 default profiles, but you can create as many additional profiles as you want in case you need to apply different controls to different groups of travelers within your company. The first user who registers themselves will be assigned a “Company Admin” profile. From the “User Management” section, Company Admin can invite more users into the company.
  4.  Scroll down and click on “Edit Policy.”
  5. From here, you can edit the values of the controls you want to use. Click “Save.”
  • You can apply different levels of policy strictness to each rule:

Within policy: Booking is automatically confirmed

Show warning: Notify the user that the selection is out of policy but confirm the booking

Require approval: Notify the user that the selection is out of policy and send booking for approval to whoever was assigned as approver for the traveler trying to book. The booking will only be confirmed after approval is received from at least 1 of the approvers.

Block: Do not show options that exceed these parameters

You can set up as many travel policy rules as you want for each profile. We recommend setting up 1 or 2 rules for each profile type to help ensure compliance with your company’s travel policy. However, you won’t want to make an over restrictive travel policy that leaves your travelers without many options to choose from. Travel policy rules include: 

○      Price per night

○      Maximum % of price increase

○      Cancellation policy

○      Contracted rates

○      Number of guests per room

○      Number of rooms per night

○      Number of nights per stay

○      Lead time

○      Blocked destinations


For Travelers: How to Check Your Company’s Travel Policy

Log in to the Travelcor portal.

From “My Profile,” click “Travel Policy.” From here, you can view a summary of your company’s unique travel policy. The hotel packages that are out of your travel policy will be labeled as “Out of policy”.

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