The Best Kept Secret to Save Thousands on Business Travel

Sep 27, 2022 | Tips & Resources

Small to medium-sized businesses often have their workers booking their own flights, lodging, and rental cars. They give them a budget and set them loose! This is a serious budget drain to businesses and a misuse of employees’ time. There is a better way.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. business travelers spent over $50 billion dollars on lodging expenses. Now that travel is on the rise again, saving money is a top concern for businesses, especially as inflation costs are higher than they’ve been in 40 years! The cost of fuel, hotels/motels, and vehicle rentals has all soared over the past year. This makes it even more important for companies to create a budget and watch their finances. Successful companies turn to travel management solutions.

By utilizing a travel management solution, companies can save thousands of dollars a year on hotel stays, rental cars, and flight options for their employees. This is because even if they find the lowest price advertised on a hotel search engine, travel management solutions can often acquire an even lower price, and a customized profile to track their data. Everything in one place!

Picture the alternative: No way to track the data of past business trips, needing to reimburse your employees by collecting and examining receipts, confusing fees, etc. This is assuming all goes according to plan, and an employee doesn’t call out sick or need to reschedule their itinerary.

Some companies don’t want to use travel management companies because they think this will be an added expense for their business. However, the opposite is true. The technology and established hotel discounts businesses will be able to utilize will actually save them money long-term! Moreover, the customized portal they use will track spending so company administrators can see ways to save for future trips.

Some employees want to have the freedom of booking their own hotels to make sure it has the amenities they need to be comfortable. Using a travel management company’s booking portal still gives employees control over choice, but keeps them within the budget parameters their company has set up. Additionally, if employees have any issues while traveling, a travel management solution has customer service staff set up to assist at any hour of the day.

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